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Safety & Quality


Early on we bought from a supplier in China that we weren't sure about. The products didn't seem like they'd hold up for long and on close inspection there wasn't as much care in the gluing and sewing as there should have been. So instead of selling them they went in the bin. We wouldn't put these things on our own kids so why would we sell them to someone else's?

This thought has governed a lot of our choices.

Most of our products come from Australia or the USA. Some items do come from China after carefully selecting our suppliers there. Some come from Europe; our bottles and dummies are made in Germany which is known for its high-quality manufacturing of baby products.

Ideally we would source all of our products from Australian makers, but there isn't much that is accessible here which is why we started Cradle of Misfits in the first place.



There are a lot of safety concerns when it comes to kids, thats why we choose our products carefully.

One thing we are particularly resolute about is Bisphenol-A (BPA) which is a chemical compound used in plastics and is associated with hazards in fetuses, infants and young children. It is band from use in baby bottles in the European union and Canada but not Australia, and we are adamant not to sell anything containing BPA.

Teething Bling®

by Smart Mom Jewellery is made from the same FDA-approved material as many teething toys.

Made for mums to wear and babies to chew on, it is non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC, latex and lead free and all pendants come with a breakaway clasp as an added safety measure.

RSB bottles

are made from high quality polyamide plastic. All RSB bottles are free from Bisphenol-A (BPA), PVC and phthalates. Made in Germany by Novatex, Certified to Australian and EU Safety Standards.

Comes with a slow flow silicone teat ideal for babies 0-3 months and is compatible with any standard size teat

Completely recyclable bottle (except for silicone teat).

Rock Star Baby's orthodontic dummy

Teat made from medical grade silicone, BPA free polypropylene.

Made in Germany by Novatex, Certified to Australian and EU Safety Standards.

Size 1: for babies 0-3 months

Size 2: for 3+ months to 3 years

Tug Proof necklace

Features breakaway safety clasp and individual knots between each bead for added strength and safety. Nickel and lead free.

Safe to wear around young children.

Amberease amber beads

are separated by individual knots so if the string breaks only one bead should come off. The bracelet is held with a simple twist fastener. Each bead is different, with varying colours and hues. Amber has been used for centuries in Europe to provide natural relief from pain and discomfort.

Made from soft, honey coloured amber chips separated by individual knots, with a simple twist fastener. Can be worn around the ankle.

For wearing (not chewing), the amber warms through skin contact. Amber jewellery is lightweight and the soft amber beads are comfortable on the child's skin.

Amberease amber necklaces and bracelets conform to European Safety Standards EN71.

Lifetime Guarantee -All Amberease jewellery products are guaranteed genuine Baltic amber from Europe and come with a lifetime replacement guarantee. If your jewellery breaks, we will replace it.


Safety warning:

Parents should:

  • Always supervise their infant child when wearing the necklace or bracelet
  • Remove the necklace or bracelet when their child is asleep or unattended
  • Do not allow your child to chew the necklace or bracelet
  • Consider using alternate forms of pain relief
  • Seek medical advice if there are any concerns about their child’s health and well being.