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River Nile


Our first t-shirt collection is inspired by the beliefs and writings of the Egyptian culture, one of the greatest civilisations on Earth.

We have three iconic symbols to choose from;

  • The Eye of Horus symbolises wisdom and prosperity. Used as a token of protection to ensure the safety and health of the person who bears the symbol.
  • The Ankh - the Egyptian hieroglyph meaning 'life' or 'breath of life', symbolically used to represent immortality and vivacity.
  • The Sacred Scarab - As a hieroglyph the beetle has diverse meanings of creation, prosperity, strength, regeneration and manifestation. These traits were attributed to the morning sun god, Khepri. It was believed Khepri restored the sun each day before rolling it above the eastern horizon at dawn, making the scarab a popular figure throughout Egyptian history.
ankh-detail.jpg sacred-scarab-detail.jpg eye-of-horus-hover.jpg

All symbols were designed by us here at Cradle HQ to best represent their original icons.

These unisex t-shirts are made from soft organic cotton featuring our gold vinyl applique design. This collection is MADE TO ORDER so allow one week turn around plus 3-4 days for delivery.