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I Fought the Law


Kids are quintessentially punk;

They question authority
They have little to no talent
They make a lot of noise anyway
They give everyone attitude
They are known for breaking things for no reason

With that in mind, our second t-shirt collection is inspired by the punk movement, and the bands like The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Ramones and The Dead Kennedy's who started it all. Times may have changed, but one things for sure- the punk attitude is well and truly alive!

We have three styles to choose from designed by us here at Cradle HQ.

anarchys-child-250.jpg punk-hair-250.jpg punk-is-not-dead-250.jpg

If all that wasn't enough, try out the option for the monochrome Punk Is Not Dead t-shirt or choose from 5 fluorescent mohawk colours.

Allow one week turn around plus 3-4 days for delivery.