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Ramble On 1 - Stand By Your Misfit

Posted by Elizabeth A on

building individuality in kids

We use the term Misfit a lot, but why? The answer is simply that we are misfits ourselves and proud to admit it.

So what does it mean?

In short its about being an individual. One definition of a misfit is "someone who is not suited to a situation or who is not accepted by other people because their behaviour is strange or unusual". And both my partner and I totally relate to this definition- I'm a goth while he's a geek. I don't like to place a label on ourselves as such but it's the easiest way to describe us and they are labels that are readily used and understood.

For starters, we can both feel awkward in certain social situations, unless we're in our element - amongst close friends, at music festivals or gigs, comic book conventions just to name a few. Our choice of attire sets us apart but our personalities and oddities entwine and we share a great love of music (especially rock and metal), movies, dark comedy, science, literature, philosophy, anime, art, history, nature, zombies and archery. We took up archery in preparation for the Zombie Apocalypse! We're a bit mad that way. Hahahaha. We also share a dislike for Footy... And living in Victoria means that already sets us apart from even most of our friends!

express yourself

But as people we are in tune with who we are and what we stand for, but we didn't always feel this way. We learnt it along the way. Through the endless labyrinth, with many twists and turns and dead ends. Eventually we each came to the realisation that we didn't need to 'fit in' or follow what everyone else was doing. So this is the message we want to send out to our kids: that differences are ok, and should be embraced. And it's why we started up Cradle of Misfits. We want you as a parent to enjoy expressing individuality through style, so in turn you can teach your children that the cool kids are actually the individuals pushing the boundaries, the ones that don't follow the common trends but rather set the trends for themselves. If there's one thing that rock music has taught me, it is to express myself and not give a sh*t what everybody else is doing!

girls can wear boys costumes

Take our six year old daughter for instance. When people meet her they think she's shy but I tell you she's the complete opposite. Give her 5 minutes to warm up and she's quite the character. I love how animated she can be, and we share so many funny conversations and moments.

I'm really proud of the little girl we've raised, confident and full of wonder. And unlike many little girls her age, she doesn't go around saying she wants to be a princess, instead she puts on her cape and hisses "I'm a Vampire!" And when she's not flapping her cape around the house, she's either trying to use "the force" or playing vet.

We let her be whatever she chooses to be, and when we attended Supanova in 2014, she went as Finn from Adventure Time because he was her favourite animation character. As you can see she was rather chuffed when she got to meet Jeremy, the voice of Finn.

We believe every parent should nurture confidence, individuality and sense of self. It will take a child far as they grow up, making that journey through the Labyrinth just that little bit easier.

As for our girl, I hope she never refrains from expressing herself. And if that means being a misfit or the odd one out, hope she does it with her head held high!

Signing off,

- Elizabeth A
Senior Misfit in Charge